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Welcome to W.I.N.!

August 2016 

In our 10th Year of "Networking with HEART" 

W.I.N. meets at Wetherington Country Club  -  7337 Country Club Lane   West Chester, Ohio  45069     -    The 3rd Wed. each month 11:30am - 1:00pm

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  August Theme:  "It Starts with You!!

"10 Ways to a Better Life"....

1.  Rid yourself of one bad habit at a time.  Make a serious commitment to change one bad habit. 

2.  Get control of your negative mental chatter.   Reverse any negative message by writing down a new message to tell yourself that is a more positive version of the negative message.

3.  Focus on loving yourself more every day.  TELL yourself out loud that you love yourself.

4.  Drink more water.  It helps your body more easily take in vitamins and other nutrients.

5.  Get moving..   Commit yourself to being more active. Walk, run, or move your body to a DVD at home!   

6.  Meditate.   Get quiet, relax and think!

7.  Smile more.  It's a free mood enhancer!

8.  Simplify.  The less you need to be happy, the happier you'll be.

9.  Surround yourself with the type of people you'd want to be.  You are the average of your  5 closest friends.

10. Stop giving up.  Things are always hard until they get better.

  Aug. Sponsor:  Linnie Kern --->                           

Kern and Associates, Shaklee     

"I have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit." This spirit inspired me to start my own business, as a Shaklee Independent Distributor, over 33 years ago.
I began my business career in the 1970s as a clothing and shoe buyer for H. & S. Pogue department store in downtown Cincinnati.  In the early 1980's, my husband and I wanted to "live on the land". We moved to a farm so we could grow some of our own food, raise livestock and provide other ways of living naturally for our family, that city life was not able to
offer us.  We focused our garden on being "green" when  green was just a color to the rest of the world!
It was on the farm, where I was introduced to Shaklee. I joined as a "Member" and purchased Vita Lea, Shaklee's Multivitamin Multi Mineral product. Within two weeks of taking Vita Lea every day, I no longer needed a nap when my kids were napping.  I had energy to clean house, garden and make crafts. I had not experienced this level of high energy in a long time. This product
was different, and I was impressed!

The Shaklee Membership Kit contained two booklets - one on the Shaklee products, and another on the history and philosophy of the company, Dr. Shaklee, and the many success stories of Shaklee Business Leaders. It laid out the Compensation Plan and how Distributors could not only earn unlimited income, but bonus cars and incentive trips too! I learned that I could have the personal freedom of owning my own business from home while I raised my family. My dreaming began, and I decided I was going to be one of those success stories. My life was a healthy balance between raising my family and growing my Shaklee business. In the blink of an eye, my children grew up and prospered, and I had the time to give more attention to Shaklee.    

Fast forward to 2016; we have built a growing organization of like-minded Business Leaders and Members, people who care about their health and the health of others. Together, we have reached thousands and thousands of people. I alone would not have had the ability to touch so many lives. Prospecting, training, coaching, and follow up are the most important aspects of our business now, when we once thought it was to be a nutrition expert! I must honestly must say, that building a Shaklee business has allowed me to feel like I earned a few "PhD's" in nutrition. Shaklee is a true leadership business, allowing for personal growth while becoming a successful entrepreneur.         

If you would like to know more about Shaklee products or becoming a Gold Ambassador Distributor, you can email Linnie Kern at or call her at 513-777-5737. You can consult her Shaklee website at and Follow her on Facebook - Linnie Kern - Shaklee Independent Distributor        

Click Here to Download the Membership Application

Debbie Christy McCurry - Founder/President

A Message from Debbie:

I would personally like to

invite you to visit a W.I.N.

Meeting.  Share Ideas!

Make Business Girlfriends!

Promote YOUR Business!

Come "WIN" with Us!

At my full time business, I am a New Home Sales Specialist with Epcon Communties at The Villas at Park Place in West Chester, OH.  I help people "right size" their housing needs so they can live a more carefree lifestyle in their dream home. 

The Villas at Park Place offer maintenance free ranch-style condominiums and courtyard homes in a beautiful Lifestyle Community.  We have many floorplans to choose from.  One is right for you!

Epcon Communities is one of the leading developers and franchise operators of single-story, residential condominium communities in the United States and has been building their product for 30 years.  In 2009 they were named America's #1 For Sale Attached Home Builder. 

Epcon Communities...Where Life Comes Together.  Learn more about our Lifestyle Condo Communities...Watch our Video:

Stop in for a tour.   Contact me, Debbie Christy McCurry at:  513-868-9800 or 513-520-4595  Visit our website:

  Thought for the Month:        

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.... 
~ Gail Devers 

 Monthly Meeting Schedule: 

* Registration/Open Networking:  11:15am *  Meeting Times:  11:30am - 1:00pm 

 CLICK HERE to make Luncheon Reservation   Reservations are Final.  NO Refunds.

*Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free and other Special Meals Available Upon Request*  You MUST send an email 2 days PRIOR to the luncheon to:   

Luncheon Venue:   Wetherington Country Club

7337 Country Club Lane, West Chester, OH  45069

3rd Wednesday - Click Venue for Directions  -  Wetherington Golf and Country Club 

  2016 W.I.N. Luncheon Schedule & Sponsors:

Jan. 20th      Jane Henke – Mary Kay - WIN 9th Birthday EXPO

Feb. 15th      Kamari Green - UC Health - Heart Health Month

March 16th   Cyd Alper-Sedgwick/Owner/Full Circle Feng Shui and Life Design

April 20th     Amy Ostigny - Amy Ostigny Company

May 18th      Leah Bryant - KBC Remodeling

                    WIN Spring/SUMMER EXPO

June 22nd    Michelle Tate - The John Maxwell Taam

July 20th      Debbie Christy McCurry - Epcon Communities

                      The Villas at Park Place

Aug. 17th     Linnie Kern - Kern and Associate/Shaklee

Sept. 21st    Jacky Groenewegen/Mindful Wellness Massage and Body Work

Oct. 19th      WIN Fall EXPO/Breast Cancer Awareness Month        

                    Kamari Green/UC Health

Nov. 23rd     Sheryl Tischer - Juice Plus

Dec. 21st     Michelle Vondrell - White Board Solutions W.I.N. Happy Holidays Luncheon